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New Possible is the next generation employee insight platform that helps leaders build healthier businesses

Develop a holistic and real-time view of your biggest asset: your people

  • Understand your people across 7 themes with our expertly designed NP360 assessment
  • 24/7 access to real-time insight via your dashboard
  • Uncover a library of expertly crafted surveys or create your own

Benchmarking that delivers a competitive edge

  • Compare your people performance in line with your industry type
  • Benchmark teams and easily share insight across your organisation
  • Unlimited support from a people chemist

AI to help cut through the noise and analytics that measure what matters most

  • Discover nuggets of insight that can be used to improve your people experience
  • Trust the New Possible algorithm to assess what’s driving satisfaction at a granular level and track changes over time
  • Delve deeper into the 4 drivers of your organisation's culture with our CultureCheck assessment

NP360 measures 7 themes, including fatigue

Our unique fatigue test is based on technology used onboard the International Space Station.

Meet our 7 themes

Our expertly designed NP360 assessment develops a holistic understanding of your people


The pandemic has further blurred the line between work and home. This theme assesses your people’s perceptions of work-life balance and how it can be improved


Assesses both mental and general wellbeing using an approach developed by the World Health Organisation


Inspired by technology used onboard the International Space Station, a three-minute interactive test objectively measures fatigue


Artificial intelligence identifies which aspects of the people experience are the biggest drivers of satisfaction


Using a validated approach, this theme measures how energised, enthusiastic, and absorbed employees are by their work


Explores the quality of working relationships and whether employees have experienced toxic behaviour


Measures how aligned your people are to the organisation and explores their perception of your company culture