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per month, per employee
Based on a 12 month contract

  • Understand your people across 7 themes with benchmarking as standard
  • Delve deeper into your organisation's culture with CultureCheck
  • Access to a library of short surveys and a custom survey builder
  • Insight dashboard
  • Unlimited support from a people chemist
  • Automated survey distribution inc. reminder emails
  • Download responses on demand (.csv)
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Advantage Plus


per month, per employee
Based on a 12 month contract

Everything in Advantage, plus:

  • Quarterly reports with commentary
  • Ability to create additional accounts, set permission levels and share insight with colleagues
  • Up to 8 consulting hours per year
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Enterprise (250+ employees)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NP360 benchmarking assessment?
NP360 gives you a holistic view of your employees across 7-dimensions, including satisfaction, wellbeing, fatigue, balance, engagement, alignment and relationships. It uses validated questions and can be completed in under 10 minutes. The standardised nature of the assessment enables you to benchmark each dimension by team, demographics, and industry.
What is CultureCheck?
CultureCheck is a benchmarkable assessment, structured around the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) 4 drivers of culture: People, Purpose, Governance and Leadership. It’s quick for employees to complete, and insight can be viewed in your dashboard.
How does automated survey distribution work?
We can send survey invites and reminders at a frequency you decide. Our always-on option enables us to automatically collect feedback from your people throughout the year, meaning that trends can be spotted sooner than traditional approaches. When the invite is from us, it encourages honest feedback by giving employees the psychological safety of knowing that their individual responses will be kept anonymous.
How do you ensure employee anonymity?
Protecting the confidentiality of employees is core to our platform. If employees don’t feel safe to leave honest feedback, then it makes it more difficult to receive the insight you need to drive real change. That’s why we never share who feedback has come from and we also maintain anonymity thresholds that mean at least 4 people need to be allocated to a team for you to drill-down into that level of granularity.
How can we use consulting hours?
Consulting hours are flexible and can be used for focus groups, virtual insight sessions and bespoke analysis of your data. An example of bespoke analysis could include identifying the key drivers causing people to leave. The consultancy hours assigned to a project are agreed with you beforehand.
How easy is it to get started?
Our NP360 assessment is ready-to-go. All you need to do is upload your employee list and decide how you’d like the assessment distributed. We’ll be there every step of the way and you could have meaningful insight in as little as 24 hours.
Can multiple people in our organisation act as admins?
With Advantage Plus, multiple members of your organisation can access the platform, each with their own permission levels. You can specify which feedback an individual can see and whether they’re able to create surveys and campaigns.
How is fatigue measured?
Our propriety fatigue test is embedded into the NP360 assessment. It’s best described as a 3-minute interactive game and is based on similar technology used onboard the International Space Station. It works well for repeated use as its free of both learning effects and aptitude differences that make interpretation of other cognitive measures difficult. You can take the test here.
What can the people chemists help us with?
Our people chemists will be there to support you from the moment you join us. Whether you have a question about survey creation, insight or anything else, we’re always just an email or phone call away.
Is your platform secure?
We are Cyber Essentials certified. Our team also includes a CREST certified penetration tester who guides us on our cyber security strategy.
How can surveys be completed?
Surveys can be completed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.