Close the loop with always-on feedback and messaging

An anonymous feedback channel that can be used for suggestions, concerns and more

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Gain real-time insight into what your people value most

  • An always-on feedback channel to help quantify and manage suggestions and any concerns
  • Keep the conversation going with anonymous messaging
  • Shape the platform to fit your unique requirements
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Close the loop and measure outcomes

  • Embed a culture of continuous improvement by measuring the impact of changes made
  • Delegate feedback and track any actions taken
  • Real-time data delivers early warnings and helps to detect trends
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A safe space for honest feedback

  • Anonymity creates a safe space for people to share their thoughts
  • UK based with enterprise level security
  • Unlimited support from a dedicated insight specialist
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Leaders are using always-on feedback and messaging to…

Promote wellbeing by granting employees direct and anonymous access to mental health first-aiders

Provide a confidential 'red button’ for employees to raise concerns

Drive business growth by embedding a culture of continuous improvement

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