5th January 2024

Case Study: Navigating Change and Enhancing People Experience through Insight

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Industry: Financial Services

About the Melton Building Society: The Melton is a modern, mutual building society that has been serving the people of Melton Mowbray and the surrounding area since 1875.

Their success is built on being an independent, mutual society, that places customers (or members) at the heart of everything they do. Being a mutual means they don’t have to pay shareholders dividends. So, they can share the results of their success with their members through higher interest rates for savers, lower rates for borrowers and providing better services.

With over 40,000 members they have built a reputation for being a trusted provider of mortgages and savings. Their roots and heritage are firmly in the Melton Mowbray area and their 5 local branches – Melton, Grantham, Oakham, Stamford and Bourne – providing a level of customer service you would expect of a community-based building society. This also means contributing to the communities they serve, including supporting local charities not only financially but voluntarily sharing their time, experience, and knowledge.

The challenge

The Melton is building a modern mutual Society that keeps pace with the demands of its members. It’s delivering this through a range of progressive initiatives, including a head office transformation, new ways of working, and a growing team.

Keen to track the impact of its ambitious strategy, The Melton partnered with New Possible to capture feedback, benchmark results and gain meaningful insight across all stages of its employee journey.

Results at a glance

  • A 31% increase in the likelihood to recommend The Melton as a place to work
  • A 98% response rate across its head office and branch network
  • A 360-degree view of the employee journey, from onboarding to exit

“We were delighted to receive such a great response and valuable feedback from our colleagues in our most recent survey.  The results indicated to us that our colleagues feel we have a healthy culture that's supportive and striving to achieve better things here at the Melton. Whilst our recent results are positive and demonstrate improvement in many areas, we will continue to encourage and act upon any feedback we receive and continue to work on enhancing the people experience.”

Melton Building Society - NPS Increase


Onboarding and exit feedback is collected continuously, alongside bi-annual people experience (NP360) feedback. The following sheds light on The Melton’s most recent NP360 feedback process:

  1. Survey Preparation:
    • New Possible’s NP360 survey measured people’s perceptions across 7 themes, including satisfaction, relationships, wellbeing, work-life balance, culture, purpose and engagement. Additional custom questions were also included.
    • New Possible then structured the employee list by head office, branch, and department.
    • Anonymity thresholds protect confidentiality and promote honest feedback.
  2. Feedback Collection:
    • Invitations were sent to employees via email, followed by targeted reminders. New Possible kept the team updated on response rates throughout the campaign.
  3. Results and Analysis:
    • New Possible delivered a tailored insight report and deep-dive session soon after the survey ended.
    • Permission-based access empowered leaders to access real-time, AI-enhanced dashboard insights, and generate action plans tailored to specific locations, departments, and teams.

From day 1, The Melton has benefited from New Possible’s tailored approach, receiving truly unlimited support from a dedicated insight specialist who is committed to their success.

Working with New Possible

New Possible - Tracy Gill - Melton Building Society - Testimonial

About New Possible

New Possible is the people insight platform that’s committed to your success. We work with a range of sectors to provide clear, actionable, and benchmarkable insights across the employee lifecycle. Our NP360 survey helps leaders gain meaningful insight into the broader people experience, measuring 7 themes, including satisfaction, culture, and wellbeing. Read about our mission, or book a demo to learn more.

If you’d like to discuss this case study further, please email hello@newpossible.io or call 0161 706 0618.

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