16th July 2024

H1 2024: What’s Driving Employee Satisfaction?

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By Ava Kaveh, Graduate Data & Insight Analyst at New Possible

Feedback captured by New Possible’s NP360 people experience survey finds that development and progression were key to employee satisfaction in H1 2024.

In this article we explore the top positive and negative drivers behind employee satisfaction (eNPS) in H1 2024 compared to H2 2023, focusing on responses to ‘What do you like about working at your organisation?’ and ‘What could be improved about working at your organisation?’.

As a quick reminder, the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is on a 0-10 response scale and measures how likely employees are to recommend their workplace. Employees are classified as promoters (people who score 9-10), passives (7-8), or detractors (0-6). eNPS is calculated by subtracting the share of detractors from the share of promoters.

What's driving employee satisfaction? - H1 2024 Employee Insight - New Possible

We found that a lack of development and progression is now the top reason employees say they’re unlikely to recommend an organisation. The ongoing cost-of-living crisis is fuelling demand to progress up the pay ladder, while exponential adoption of AI is creating urgency around skill gaps and opportunities. In fact, a recent Ipsos study revealed that 79% of UK employees think it’s important to learn a new skill to improve their career path in the next 12 months.

Culture and leadership also remain significant drivers - but what exactly is a ‘healthy’ culture? In the following word clouds, we compare how promoters and detractors most frequently describe their organisation:

Positive Culture Word Cloud - H1 2024 Employee Insight - New Possible

Negative Culture - H1 2024 Employee Insight - New Possible

Satisfied employees most often describe their organisation as friendly, fun, supportive and inclusive, in contrast to unhappy employees who frequently talk about an environment that’s unprofessional, disrespectful, challenging and leaves them feeling undervalued.

As we previously found in our What Workers Want 2024 survey, flexibility continues to be a powerful differentiator when trying to attract and retain talent.

The findings also suggest that pay is generally seen as a hygiene factor. Once pay expectations have been met, other factors such as career development, healthy culture, and flexibility have a greater impact on overall satisfaction.

In summary, by continuously identifying, tracking and benchmarking the key themes driving satisfaction and loyalty, organisations are better placed to create people experiences that win the hearts and minds of employees both now and into the future.

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