New Possible partners with the Good Business Charter

Published on 13th September 2022

We’re delighted to be working with the Good Business Charter to offer accredited organisations a free and independent view of their people experience.

The Good Business Charter (GBC) recognises organisations that care about responsible business. With 97% of people believing that it’s important for businesses to act responsibly, the GBC’s accreditation scheme acts as a valuable signpost to direct potential consumers, employees and investors. To achieve certification, organisations need to commit to ten components.

New Possible is delighted that employee representation and wellbeing are two of these components. We believe that engaged and happy employees are the most powerful source of sustainable business growth and that’s why we’re working with GBC to offer accredited organisations a free and independent view of their people experience using our next generation NP360 survey. Accredited firms will also receive a summary report with commentary, a copy of responses and an insight debrief.

What is NP360?

The NP360 survey measures seven themes that are important to the people experience, including satisfaction, wellbeing, culture, purpose, engagement, work-life balance and relationships at work. It’s depended on by organisations across a range of sectors to provide robust and meaningful employee insight.

What we offer GBC accredited firms

Good Business Charter Accredited Offer - New Possible

To access your exclusive offer, book a 20-minute onboarding session, email, or call 0161 706 0618.

About New Possible

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