1st January 2022

New Possible updates and new releases (2022)

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See what updates and new releases we're rolling out.

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December 2022 Releases

Multilingual surveys

Create a multilingual survey with different language options. Your people can choose the language they’re most comfortable with from a drop-down menu. Auto-detect the user's preferred language based on their browser settings. New Possible can also support you with survey and response translation. To activate or discuss, please contact your dedicated insight specialist.

Multilingual surveys - New Possible

November 2022 Releases

Skip logic

Skip logic allows you to send respondents to a future point in the survey based on how they answer a question or if they visit a specific page. Activate within the survey builder by selecting 'Add question skip logic', or 'Add page skip logic':

 Add skip logic - New Possible


  • There must be at least two pages in the survey.
  • Question skip logic overrides page skip logic if both are applied on the same page.
  • You can only apply logic to one question per page.
  • For help, please contact your dedicated insight specialist.

Hierarchal analysis

Segment responses by the employee's region, division and team and set admin permissions at a more granular level. To activate, include 'region', 'division' and 'team' within your employee upload.


  • Each employee must be assigned a 'team'.
  • 'Region' is at the top of the hierarchy, followed by 'division' and 'team'.
  • Your anonymity threshold applies to each level of the hierarchy.
  • To rename 'region', 'division' and 'team', please contact your dedicated insight specialist.

October 2022 Releases

Allow multiple responses from a single device

Allow multiple responses per device. This is helpful if respondents are sharing a device, or you'd like them to complete a survey more than once. To activate, select 'Allow the survey to be taken more than once from the same device' when creating a campaign:

Multiple responses from same device - New Possible

September 2022 Releases

Add text to your surveys

Adding text to your survey is now as easy as adding a new question. Simply select 'Add Question' within the survey builder and choose 'Text' from the dropdown menu.

New Possible - Add a text block

Easily edit a question

We heard you! You can now easily edit a question within the survey builder by selecting the pencil icon.

New Possible - Easily edit a question

New candidate experience dashboard

Following the release of our candidate experience survey in August, we've now launched a candidate experience dashboard to help you quickly identify and benchmark key insights. You can access this from the left-hand side menu of the client portal.

New Possible - Candidate Experience Dashboard

Regional segmentation

When creating or updating your employee list, you can now assign a region to each employee. Region appears alongside 'Team' in the response downloads and you'll soon be able to filter by region within your dashboards.

August 2022 Releases

Customise specific terms within our benchmarkable surveys

Every organisation has their own way of saying things. Is it objectives or goals? Mission or purpose? Customers or clients? You can now set this within your account settings by selecting 'Glossary' from the menu. NB: This option is accessible to organisation admins only.

New Possible - Glossary

Our AI now detects 17 drivers of satisfaction

For some of the firms we work with, communication is a key driver behind satisfaction and loyalty. Our AI now identifies communication so that you can easily track this over time. Here's a quick reminder of the themes we detect when employees talk about what they like and dislike:

New Possible - The 17 drivers of employee satisfaction and loyalty

New candidate experience survey

Understand what's working and what's not across the candidate experience with a new benchmarkable survey that can be accessed from the survey builder. A candidate experience dashboard will also be available from September.

July 2022 Releases

Display your company logo across surveys

You can now display your company logo across employee surveys. To toggle on or off, select Account (from the left-hand menu), followed by Company Profile. Then tick (or untick) 'Display logo across surveys'. NB: This option is accessible to admins only.

Be notified by email of new responses

Receive a daily email notification when new responses are received across any of your surveys. To toggle on or off, click the envelope icon adjacent to each campaign. NB: Currently only available to users with permission to access responses across all teams.

Toggle Email Notifications

New wellbeing survey and dashboard

We're delighted to launch our new wellbeing survey and dashboard, which takes a deep-dive into the health and wellbeing of your people. Developed in partnership with practitioners, you can now select this survey from the 'Create Survey' page.

Hide the team selection question

You can now deactivate team selection from the campaign settings page. When deactivated, all responses are assigned to 'Anonymous'. Select 'Hide the team selection question and automatically assign responses to 'Anonymous'' from the bottom of the 'Create campaign' page.


Upcoming Q1 2023 releases

  • Manage multiple brands using a single set of login details
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Visualise responses to custom questions
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